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Located on South Jackson Street one building north of Jackson and Third Street; use ramp entrance to visit us during business hours.

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TIFO is a Moscow-based 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization that believes all people have the right to live and work in a healthy environment. TIFO's projects address environmental health crises address health issues in mining and recycling communities, who have inherited environmental disease exported from high-income nations. We envision a world where all communities have the knowledge and skills to protect future generations and maintain livelihoods.

TIFO was founded to address the growing disparities in environmental health around the world. While high-income countries have been successful in reducing environmental disease through environmental, health, and occupational regulations, many polluting industries have moved to low-income countries, poisoning more people than ever before and causing millions of deaths each year.

TIFO's goals are to build local capacity in environmental health, engage leadership at the grassroots level, facilitate solutions that grow from the bottom up, and to adapt technologies to meet local socio-economic and cultural needs. Our organization includes an interdisciplinary network of experts in the fields of environmental health who all have dedicated their careers to improving living conditions in the world’s most vulnerable communities.