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White Spring Ranch Non-profit Museum site is listed on the National Historical Registry and was the homestead of early Idaho settlers in the wheat producing Palouse area south of Moscow, Idaho. John Lorang and Mary Gesellchen Lorang created a successful farm and they and three generations of the family were historians, writers and artistic photographers who preserved all of their history from its founding in 1885 to the present day.

White Spring Ranch has been awarded the 2019 Sister Alfeda Award from Idaho State Historical Society and Idaho Humanities Council. Idaho Heritage Trust, Latah County Arts & Culture, Genesee Recreation District and other Idaho Humanties Council grants provide yearly assistance with restoration and events.

White Spring Ranch is open for visitors from 1:00 pm to Sunset on Sundays, Tuesdays and by appointment. 208-416-1006. Come to visit. Learn of the Farming history of Idaho and read first hand documents detailing American Life for the last 160 years.